Tuesday, July 31, 2012

By facebook inspiration I decided to start blogging again... mostly because there is so much more going on than the things im posting on facebook. so many fun things!! Here is what has been happening... Thanksgiving 2011-- found out we were pregnant!! it took so long for Dec 15th to come (our first appointment). We were so excited! 9 LOOONG months later, on july 16th im being induced after about a week with high high blood pressure and my amazing dr being really worried about me... after what im told is... 11 hours of labor and 2 hours of pushing, our sweet baby boy, Rogan Lee Goold was born on july 17th, 2012 at 12:02 am.

welcome to the world baby goold!

Because i tore so bad--4th degree(woooww!) i wasnt able to hold him really for the first 30-40 min as they sewed me up so jason got to have some one on one time with him! so jealous!
here are some more pics from the experience!
now backing up-- went in to our doctors appointment at 11 and after about 20 minutes there the doc said "be at the hospital at 1" great.. its finals week and jason had class at 1245! so he went to class and my amazing aunt barbara drove me to the hospital! also, my good friend Maria came to sit with me until jason could be there... so it was a party from the start!!
getting ready to start!
after we got to the hospital there was about 15 min before we got going and then I sent everyone out so the doc could break my water and get me moving! I started contracting on my own(figuritively speaking) to about 2 1/2 min apart... they werent too bad for an hour or two and then i got something to take the edge off by 4(i think) i was ready for my epidural FOR SURE! It was the most amazing thing i could have ever imagined. saved me!
things have been crazy ever since!! mr rogan is adorable and fun and we just are obsessed with him... we arent sleeping too well yet but we have had a few good nights! here are some pics of our sweet pea!


  1. i'm so glad you are blogging again! i got off facebook (it was making me mad) and I was really sad that i wouldn't be able to see pictures of Rogan anymore :( but keep on blogging!!!!

    so happy for you guys. Hope you get more sleep very very soon :)

    love ya Carra!

  2. Carra! You look beautiful and your boy truly is adorable!i am excited to follow your blog!